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Cooking oil refining steps

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Cooking oil refining steps:
1. Degumming step: We can add hot water into oil refining tanks to get rid of some impurities in crude oil, such as phospholipid, gum, and protein can be dissolved into hot water.
2. Deacidification step: we can get rid of FFA (free fatty acid ) by adding alkali(caustic soda) water which can neutralize acid.
3. Decolorizing step: crude oil contains a lot of pigments, such as carotene, xanthophyll, etc. We can use bleaching earth to remove them, because bleaching earth has strong adsorption ability. It can absorb the pigments in crude oil. Thus oil can be transparent, and light-colored.
4. Oil filtering: we use a vacuum leaf filter to filter the used bleaching earth.
5. Deodorizing step: crude oil has their special smell because of some volatile matters, such as ketone oxide, aldehydes, hydrocarbons. In this step, we add steam generated by a steam generator into oil continuously, and make sure that steam and oil can fully contact under high temperature and pressure, then volatile matters can be removed out with the steam.
6. Fine filtering step: ?we use a bag filter to do the last step, make sure that the final oil can reach first grade cooking oil.
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