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How much edible oil advised to eat one day?

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 How much edible oil advised to eat one day?

Edible oil can provide the fat body needing and coordinate with fat-soluble vitamins absorbing. So people can’t do without oil. While, along with living standard development, the oil eating per day is rising. Too much oil will increase the onset risk of chronic disease such as obesity, HLP(hyperlipidaemia), atherosclerosis and etc.
Two and a half of spoon oil(25~30g) per day is the advice from Chinese Dietary. It is reported that average of edible oil eating in China per day has exceed 40g for one person. Some even reach 80g in Shanghai, which greatly exceed the 25g advised.
Nowadays, the problem people face is not lacking of oil but unconsciously superfluous oil eating which damage health. Some fried food liked fried chicken, fried potato. Part of people who chronically eat those fried food have higher incidence of cancer than those who don’t or eat less. The research shows that unhealthy lifestyle has great negative effects on health, among them improper oil taking is major one.
Ways to reduce oil taking are as following. Often cook food by steaming, boiling instead of frying and. Do not use oil when making soup, directly put food material in the pot. Reduce the outgoing meals. Lat one is using non-stick pan.

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