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How to Make the Solvent Recovery in the Solvent Extraction Section?

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How to Make the Solvent Recovery in the Solvent Extraction Section?
Solvent recovery: After distilling off the discharge of the mixed vapor is used as a heat source for the first evaporator condensate into the trap, not condensed steam into energy conservation, energy efficiency is the hot steam condensate from the evaporation by spray condenser pour condensed condensate into the trap, not condensed steam into the steam condenser offline condensed into the trap also. Mixed vapor and solvent vapor from the first evaporator and the second evaporator are entered to the steam condenser. Condenser vacuum caused by a vacuum pump, in turn causing the negative pressure of the evaporator. Mixed vapor from the stripper condensate into the stripper condenser, the condensate is discharged into the water separator trap, uncondensed gas is drawn into the first vapor vacuum evaporator, thereby causing a stripping condenser and stripper The negative pressure state. The free gas extractor after the condenser condensate, condensate into the trap.
From steam offline condenser, condenser free gas extraction, manifold, solvent tank into the final condenser, the condensate into the trap, not-condensable gases into the mineral oil absorber in the absorber solvent vapors are Cold paraffin oil absorption, can not be absorbed by the air and a small amount of solvent gas is vented out of the overhead fan. Cold paraffin oil containing solvent through a heat exchanger, heater, into the analytical column is stripped solvent desorbed in which paraffin oil separation, analytical column discharged into the mixed vapor evaporative condenser. After separation of the solvent from the trap into the solvent turnover library, separated water and then after cooking, recover the residual solvent is discharged through the seal pool. Solvent turnover library after solvent extraction solvent by a pump preheater into the solvent extractor.
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