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How to set up a palm oil mill?

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How to set up a palm oil mill?
Learn the business, choose your raw materials
find a good location large enough,get the funds enough,choose the machine equipment manufactures,palm oil pressing, palm kernel oil pressing, cpo refining, CPO RBD processing mill,all the machine needs,and training employees workers,

A matured plantation will start to give investor five 5 tons per hectare of red palm oil annually from the fourth year per hectare. 100 metric tons of oil can be obtained annually from 20 hectare plantation. A ton of red palm oil is a minimum of N150,000. Gross revenue of N15 million is obtained from red palm oil.

We can also get three metric tons of palm kernel per hectare. This gives us 60 tons from 20 hectares. This translates to annual income of N4.2 million. Total income realisable is about N19.2 million while the annual operating expense is put at N5.8 million.
This leaves us with net income N13.4 million annually for the investor for the rest of his/her live. There are still other sources of income such as palm fronds and palm kernel shells. Serious minded investors can be assisted in the realisation of this worth while investment.

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