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Oil press extraction refining fractionation

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What are the main sections of the oil press process?
The main processes include cleaning, magnetic separation, stone removal, crushing (shell peeling), embryo pressing, steaming, oil extraction, and crude oil filtration.
What are the types of oil pressing?
Hot press and cold press.
The temperature required for cold pressing is low, the process is simple, the product quality is good, but the oil yield is low, the temperature required for hot pressing is high, the process is more complicated than the cold pressing process, the oil is dark in color but the oil yield is high.
What are the main sections of the extraction workshop?
Extraction, evaporation, steam removal, condensation recovery, exhaust gas recovery, outdoor auxiliary section, etc.
What is the purpose of refining? What are the main sections of refining?
Remove harmful ingredients to the greatest extent, retain beneficial ingredients, improve oil quality and storage stability.
Chemical refining is to remove free FFA in oil by adding alkali, while physical refining is physical deacidification by stripping of deacidification tower.
What is the purpose and significance of fractionation and dewaxing?
The purpose of fractionation is to separate fats and oils with different melting points in the oil in order to obtain edible oils with different properties to a greater extent;
The purpose of dewaxing is to separate waxes and oils that are not easily absorbed by the oil and affect the taste and value of the oil, so as to improve the edible and sensory quality of the oil. 

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