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Palm oil machinery manufacturer and supplier

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Crude Palm Oil: Each fresh fruit bunches (FFBs) consist many of these individual fruits. Crude palm oil is extracted from the flesh of these small fruits. The central nut or kernel can be separated and applied for extracting palm kernel oil.

Palm Kernel Oil: The palm kernel getting from the extraction of palm oil will be collected for making palm kernel oil. Palm kernel expeller or cake is the main by-product of palm kernel processing line.
Crude palm kernel oil (CPKO) is the oil that directly got after Palm Kernel Oil Press Machine. It usually contains a great deal of impurities, including free fatty acid, pigments, colors, colloid, wax, moisture and other substance. These non-oil impurities has great influence on palm kernel oil’s taste, smell, stability and storage. 

Huatai Machinery as the leading palm oil machinery manufacturer and supplier in China. We can provide palm oil turnkey projects, palm oil processing mill and palm kernel oil extraction plant for customer all over the world with low price and great service. We have successfully built up many palm oil mills in the large palm oil production countries, like Nigeria,Ghana, Congo,Ethiopia, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.

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