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Palm oil processing and palm oil expeller

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Three major palm products: crude palm oil, crude palm kernel oil and palm kernel expeller.

Three major global palm oil commodities

1. CPO - Crude Palm Oil

These individual fruits make up the fresh fruit bunches, also referred to as FFBs. Palm oil is extracted from the orange flesh. The white centre is the kernel or nut. This is crushed to extract the palm kernel oil.

2. PKO - Palm Kernel Oil

Palm kernels are sent from the palm oil mill to a kernel crushing plant. The palm kernel oil is extracted and the pulp left over is compacted together to form palm kernel expeller or cake.

3. PKE - Palm Kernel Expeller

Palm kernel expeller or palm kernel cake is used in the animal feed industry. The product is high in energy and fibre and retains a good level of residual oil.
Palm Oil: It is extracted from the tree of Oil Palm and it is very high in Saturated fats. For this reason, Palm oil is very suitable for Deep frying as it does not lose its goodness with high heat frying. Further, Palm oil does not have cholesterol .

Palm oil has the following features:

1. Contain more unsaturated fatty acid, good stability, not easy to occur the oxidation.

2. The palm oil contains rich vitamin A in the original (500-700 parts per million (PPM) and vitamin E (500-800 parts per million (PPM).

3. To determine the existence of palm oil can't use color reaction. It is difficult to use simple method to measure out the palm oil which mixed with Hydrogenated oil .

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