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Palm oil production process

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Palm oil has a variety of uses, Its traditional use has been as cooking oil, but it is now used as a food additive and an industrial lubricant as well as in the production of various cosmetic ingredients. One particularly promising use is in the production of phytonutrients—plant-derived chemicals that are added to food which contribute to health.
The extraction process begins with the transportation of ripe Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) harvested from plantations to the mills. FFBs are then sterilized using steam for half an hour, which also serves to remove the fruits from the bunch. The fruits are then moved to a pressing station where palm oil is squeezed, which then goes through a clarification process to remove moisture, residue and dirt. The end product is CPO.
Empty bunches are returned to the plantations for use as organic fertilizer, while the byproducts such as mesocarp fiber as used as bio-energy to replace fossil fuels.

Palm kernels are dried, broken and separated to produce palm kernels, which are sold as a final product or further processed to obtain crude palm kernel oil.

All mill waste is discharged into a system of sewage treatment ponds where anaerobic and aerobic processes take over to produce fertilizer, protecting waterways from pollution. 

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