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Peru's 150T/refining project equipment passed commissioning acceptance

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Peru's 150T/refining project equipment passed commissioning acceptance
The Peruvian 150T/refining project equipment signed by Liu Xiaojian, the deputy general manager of the International Division of our company, was recently put into use through commissioning and acceptance, and the project was perfectly delivered.
150T/refining equipment operation site:

When asked why the equipment of Henan Huatai Company was ordered, the person in charge of Peru said: “We chose the equipment of Huatai Machinery because it is a large-scale grain and oil machinery that combines R&D, design, manufacture and installation. Production and manufacturing companies attach great importance to scientific and technological innovation. The food and equipment they produce have unique technological advantages, high technological content, energy conservation and environmental protection, and high quality. They are in a leading position in the same industry at home and abroad, and they are safe and secure to use. They are favored by the market. From the aspects of drawing design, equipment manufacturing, factory acceptance, installation and commissioning and after-sales service, Huatai Company provides first-class technical guidance and tracking service with high standards and high quality.”
Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery Co., Ltd. is also a leading company in China's grain and oil machinery industry, a state-level high-tech enterprise, and a listed company of the New Third Board (short for securities: Huatai Machinery, stock code: 837819). Relying on technological innovation, the company has developed a series of palm fruit deep processing complete sets of equipment, rice bran deep processing complete sets of equipment, rice bran oil refining equipment, cottonseed dephenolization complete sets of equipment, biodiesel complete sets of equipment, a series of plant pigment extraction complete sets of equipment and other 8 series More than 80 varieties are in the leading position in the same industry at home and abroad. Now it has developed into China's largest production base of oil machinery, and awarded “High-growth Private Enterprise” and “Outstanding Private Enterprise” by Henan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government. "And other titles, ranking Henan Province in 2014 top 100 and 100 high industrial enterprises list.
“Our company strictly tests every procedure and will not allow any trickle to flow into the market,” said Yan Zipeng, vice chairman of the Oils and Oils Branch of the China Grain and Oil Association, and representative of Henan Provincial People’s Congress and chairman of Henan Huatai Company. It is precisely because our company can provide customers with first-class products, high-quality technical guidance and follow-up services in all aspects, and it is highly praised by customers. Peru also expressed its willingness to maintain long-term cooperation with our company, and also for our company and Peru. The cooperation has laid a solid foundation. 


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