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Press Oil & Solvent Extraction Oil

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Press Oil & Solvent Extraction Oil
What is the difference between press oil production and solvent extraction oil production?
1. Different processing technology
The processing technology of press oil is "physical pressing method", and the processing technology of extraction oil is "chemical leaching method". The production process of the physical pressing method requires that the raw materials be selected. The oil is crushed, steamed, and squeezed after removing impurities and stones to allow the oil to be separated from the oil. The fried seeds are added during the pressing process and pressed by the press. , Made with technology natural filtration purification technology. It maintains the original taste of soybeans, has a mellow flavor, is rich in vitamin E, has a long shelf life, does not contain most additives, does not contain solvent residues and contains soap. It is a pure natural green produced by combining modern and traditional processes. food.
The solvent extraction method uses an organic solvent extraction method. The organic material such as n-ethane, which has a toxic effect on the human body, is extracted by combining oil with organic solvents such as "No. 6 light gasoline" (commonly known as "No. 6 solvent oil"). It is difficult to remove all of them. Only after the refining has reached a stricter standard, you can rest assured that it will be harmful to the human body; but in the high-temperature refining, some vitamin nutrients will inevitably be lost.
2. Different nutritional ingredients
Pressed soybean oil is complete in color, aroma and taste, and retains the characteristics of various nutritional ingredients. Solvent extraction oil is colorless and tasteless, and most of the nutritional components are destroyed after processing
3. Different requirements for raw materials
"Squeezed soybean oil" uses pure physical pressing method and retains the original taste of soybeans. Therefore, the requirements for soybean raw materials are relatively strict, raw materials are required to be fresh, and the acid value and peroxide value are low, so the price is relatively high. Pressing only, the residual oil in the soybean cake is high, and the oil yield of the pressed oil is relatively low. So the price of squeezed soybean oil is high.
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