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Purpose of Palm Oil Sterilizing Process

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Purpose of Palm Oil Sterilizing Process
The heat treatment helps destroy oil-splitting enzymes and seizes hydrolysis and autoxidation.
In large scale palm oil mill plant, where the fresh fruit bunches (FFBs) need to be cooked whole, the steam weakens the stem of the fruit and reduces the effort required to get the fruit from the bunch with mere tumbling in the threshing machine or shaking.
The heat is very important since it assists in solidifying proteins that contain the oil-bearing cells that are microscopically dispersed in it. This process of protein solidification/coagulation enables the oil bearing cells to collect together and flow with much ease when pressure is exerted.
Further, the fruit is subjected to cooking to weaken the pulp structure, make it soft and easy to remove the fibrous material and its components during the process of digestion. High heat is recommended to partially disband the oil containing cells found in the mesocarp and further allows the oil to flow more readily. This stage of processing is very important.

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