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Set Up Palm Oil Mill Plant

Pubdata : 2020-09-21 Author : admin

Usually the production cycle of palm tree is 25 years, the ripened fruit which is bigger than the grape is growing around tree trunks, available for picking until turning dark red.
In Nigeria, oil palm is an important tree because of the value of the crude palm oil, fronds, stems, and leaves. Due to the magnitude of this industry,several resudues are co-produced with palm oil, these include empty fruit bunches, palm fruit fiber, and palm kernel shell.
the palm oil plants are found in most parts especially southern states of Nigeria, the different parts of the oil palm are adapted for different useful purposes.while the leaves provide brooms for tidying the environment, the kernel is a major souce of red palm oil used for cooking, the seed is the source of palm kernel oil used extensively in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.  

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