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Set up palm oil mill plant for your own business

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Palm oil is widely used in the food industry because of its low production cost. Per hectare of land, the oil palm can yield roughly 4 tonnes of oil per year. In comparison, the next highest yield for a vegetable oil is that of rapeseed, with around 0.75 tonnes per year, per hectare. Besides this, certain characteristics and the composition of palm oil also make it an attractive ingredient for the food industry. It has a high solid fat content which reduces the need for hydrogenation. Palm oil’s high oxidative stability also make it is less susceptible to becoming rancid, giving it a long shelf life.  

Some common palm oil uses in the food processing industry are in the form of margarine, used in products such as chocolate, bread, cookies, and cakes. It is also commonly used for frying by fast food chains, as well as industrially manufactured products such as crisps and instant noodles.

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