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The great potential for Ghana palm oil market

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The great potential for Ghana palm oil market
The oil palm is the main economic crops in Ghana and has large planting area. But the palm oil extraction rate is low, At present, still a demand for 35,000tons of palm oil that has not been met.
The main reason for that is the traditional palm oil manufacturing method can't meet the market demand of palm oil. In Ghana, 80% palm oil are from small workshop, they are high in humidity and large free fat acid which easy to go bad and not easy to save. So they can not meet the domestic demand and should import palm oil from other countries.
In order to meet the large unmet demand in Ghana and the large markets in the West African region. The government encourages and give favor to palm oil mill development. Because the demand for palm oil machine is very large. In order to improve the traditional palm oil making method, they should adopts the advanced palm mill machine to reduce low-quality oil making. So the prospects for the palm oil production in Ghana great.
As the good friend of Africa, China has many oil machine manufactures. Huatai is one of them, who has decade-year experience on oil and fats making machine. We’d like to help friends in Ghana to produce palm oil with high oil yield and good quality. 

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