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The purpose and effect factors hydrogenated oil

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It refers to a liquid oil hydrogenated oils or soft fat under certain conditions, and hydrogen addition reaction, so that the grease molecules process the double bond is saturated, hydrogenated fat after called hydrogenated oils.

Hydrogenated oils and fats Objective:
1. Make the fat melting point rises, increasing the amount of solid fat;
2. Improve oil oxidation resistance, thermal stability, improve oil color, smell and taste.
3. Make a variety of animal and vegetable oils to obtain suitable physical and chemical properties, and its products more versatile.

For the main factors affecting the oil hydrogenation temperature, pressure, stirring and the catalyst. Although hydrogenated oil products to a large extent depends on the type of oil and the catalyst, but for the same kind of oil and a catalyst to change the conditions of the hydrogenation reaction, but get a different quality of hydrogenated oils.

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