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What is fractionation?

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Palm Oil: It is extracted from the tree of Oil Palm and it is very high in Saturated fats. For this reason, Palm oil is very suitable for Deep frying as it does not lose its goodness with high heat frying. Further, Palm oil does not have cholesterol and it has been seen that it helps in reduction of LDL.

Palm kernel oil

While palm oil can be fractionated into palm olein and plam stearin, palm kernel oil can also be further processed into palm kernel olein and palm kernel stearin. Palm kernel oil, semi-solid at room temperature, is more saturated than palm oil and comparable to coconut oil. It is popularly used in commercial cooking and frying because it remains stable at high cooking temperatures and is lower in cost than other oils while allowing for a longer shelf life than other vegetable oils.

What is fractionation?

It is a process that fractionates or divides the oil into different fat components. Fractionation, which generally involves pre-heating, cooling, crystallization and filtering, is needed to separate solid phases (stearin) and liquid phases (olein) to maximize palm oil’s commercial value.

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