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Three Methods of Palm Kernel 0i

2016-04-29 10:02:30 Author:admin

Three common methods of palm kernel oil extraction is Mechanical extraction,Solvent extraction and Traditional method of palm kernel extraction....

Some characteristics of oil palm

2021-06-29 15:19:04 Author:admin

Some characteristics of oil palm 1. Male and female flowers Generally, it takes 33 to 34 months for palms to grow before they enter the flowering period. Before that, there is no difference between females and males. Gender occurs 20 months...

How to choose a reliable palm oil processing machine supplier ?

2021-06-21 17:16:01 Author:admin

If your processing capacity is over 5 tons per hour, you'd better consult professional palm oil processing machine, we can supply the most suitable palm oil processing machine solution according to your specification requirements. How to ch...

Huatai Group gets successfully 1000TPD soybean preparation, extraction and refining project in South

2021-06-11 11:26:00 Author:admin

Huatai Group gets successfully 1000TPD soybean preparation, extraction and refining project in South America! Recently South American Bolivia edible oil company ordered whole set of 1000TPD soybean preparation, extraction and refining equip...

Ethiopia 250TPD oilseeds processing line

2021-06-10 17:07:08 Author:admin

Ethiopia 250TPD oilseeds processing line, built by Huatai Group, is put into running today! Ethiopian Prime Minister Mr. Abiy Ahmed Ali attended the opening ceremony with congratulations! Any need please email to

How to start palm kernel oil processing business in Nigeria?

2021-06-02 14:30:16 Author:admin

With the development of palm oil processing business, more and more people realized that starting palm oil processing business and palm kernel oil processing business is a viable option. Especially in recently years, there are many local oi...

Palm Oil Refining Plant

2021-05-18 15:21:57 Author:admin

Palm Oil Refining Plant 1Degumming:To remove the gum impurities, and prepare for the subsequent refining processes. 2Deacidfying:To remove the free fatty acid in the crude oil. 3Decoloring: To remove the pigment in the crude oil by addi...

Palm fruit sterilization, FFB processing

2021-01-28 16:06:34 Author:admin

Sterilizing: FFB are airtight sterilized in sterilizer, injecting direct steam (the pressure is 300KPa) to heat 60mins. The purpose is to prevent enzymes breaking down, avoiding FFA in oil further increasing. Meanwhile, the temperature will...

The 5 TPH palm fruit oil extraction project in Congo

2021-01-05 15:59:31 Author:admin

The 5 TPH palm fruit oil extraction project of Huatai Intelligent Equipment Group Congo Kingdom was started under the guidance of Huatai engineers. Huatai people received an invitation from a customer to send someone to the Congo-Kingdom pr...

Palm kernel oil refinery supplier

2020-12-29 15:26:05 Author:admin

Palm kernel oil is a white to yellowish oil of vegetable origin which is solid at normal temperatures and is derived from the kernel of the oil palm Elaeis guineensis. Palm kernel oil is one of highly saturated vegetable fats, and contains...

Wish you every happiness when Christmas is near

2020-12-24 14:18:11 Author:admin


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